Friday, September 28, 2007

TEMPO Newspaper Article: Sept.29th

Wildcard challenge tonight on ‘U Can Dance Ver 2’

Two pairs have joined the roster of U Can Dance Celebrity Showdance Finalists! It was a toss-up between Princess Ryan with partner Johnny Amar, and Tim Espinosa with partner R.E. Guerrero. There are now five Celebrity Showdance finalists, and only five dancing shoes remain. Who among Gem Ramos, Rodjun Cruz, Michelle Murenech, Princess Ryan and Tim Espinosa will keep on dancing ‘till the end of the season?

Tonight, a chance beckons those who didn’t quite make the elusive cut. A Wildcard Challenge was announced for those who believe they belong among the finalists. From the eleven pairs who didn’t make it to the finals, 6 pairs are ready to get back on their dancing shoes and prove they are worthy to become Grand Champions! Facing the challenge are Paw Diaz with Jungie Zamora, Sheree with Sergio Machon, Saicy Aguila with Joseph Reyes, Thou Reyes with Eva Rocero, Raphael Martinez with Riche Sarabia, and Jaycee Parker with Lito Mercado.

This Saturday will not be a strictly ballroom night, it will also hold the last monthly finals for the Sayaw Barangay Competition! U Can Dance Ver 2 airs every Saturday 10pm, at ABS-CBN Ch2.


Monday, September 24, 2007

New picture of Tim Espinosa sa Star Magic Catalogue 2008

ABS-CBN Star Magic can now use the old MGM tagline "More stars than in heaven."

For the past years, may taunang catalogue ang Star Magic ng ABS-CBN for its current list of stars. This year, in commemoration of the department's 15th year, isang engrandeng launching ang isinagawa ng Star Magic kahapon, September 23. Ito'y sa pangunguna nina Mr. Johnny "Mr. M" Manahan and Ms. Rikka Dylim for the 2008 issue with a two-pronged pictorial exhibits, isa sa 14th Floor ng ABS-CBN EJL Building at isa sa TriNoMa Mall sa Quezon City.

Nagsidatingan ang napakaraming artista ng Star Magic—all in white—to grace the event. Every guest was given their copy of the 2008 catalogue.

Some of the pictures of the stars in the catalogue were blown up as exhibit. In center stage is the biggest of them all and the cover of the catalogue itself featuring the twelve leading stars of Star Magic: John Lloyd Cruz, Claudine Barretto, and Piolo Pascual in the first row; Shaina Magdayao, Sam Milby, and Bea Alonzo in the second row; Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo, and Roxanne Guinoo in the third row; and Rafael Rosell, Angelica Panganiban; and Zanjoe Marudo in the last row.

Segregated into different divisions ang nilalaman ng 2008 catalogue.

The first is "Leading Ladies" kung saan may two-page spread each sina Claudine, Kristine, Bea, Angelica, Rica Peralejo, and Roxanne in that order.

Instead of leading men, mga "Torch Bearers" naman ang tawag sa grupo nina Piolo, John Lloyd, Sam, Diet, Zanjoe, Rafael, Dominic Ochoa, Carlos Agassi, and Jiro Manio. Nagawa na ang catalogue bago pa man hindi mag-renew si Jiro sa Star Magic last July kung kaya't kasali pa rin siya rito.

The "New Romantics" naman ang tawag sa mga love teams kung saan magkakasama sa isang pictures sina Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu, Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks, and Empress Schuck and Enchong Dee.

The "Ingénues" ang division ng mga up-and-coming leading ladies na sina Maja Salvador, Shaina Magdayao, Erich Gonzales, at Nikki Gil na may solo pictures, samantalang in pairs naman sina Lauren and Megan Young, Valeen Montenegro and Eda Nolan, Denise Laurel and Carla Humphries, and Kaye Abad and Jodi Sta Maria.

Mga "Boys To Men" ang tawag sa mga pairs na sina Victor Basa and Jake Cuenca, John Prats and Geoff Eigenmann, Rayver Cruz and John Wayne Sace, Joem Bascon and Aldred Gatchalian, and Baron Geisler and Ketchup Eusebio.

"It Boys and Girls" ang division ng mga magkakasamang sina Michelle Madrigal and Paw Diaz; Helga Krapf, Zara Dela Peña, and Isabel Blaesi; Johanna Villeta, Diane Medina, and Janelle Quintana; Jason Abalos and Joross Gamboa; Ryan Ramos and AJ Dee; Rodjun Cruz, Dustin Sta Maria, and Sergio Garcia; Raphael Martinez, Danilo Barrios and Joseph Bitangcol; at Janus del Prado and Alwyn Uytingco.

"Actors with Character" naman ang kina Pokwang (na isa dalawang artista sa said division na may solo picture); ang magkakasamang sina Roden Araneta, Gerry Montes, Bentong, and Gian Carlos Terry; Charles Christianson, Gabb Drilon, and Arron Villaflor; Anna Larrucea, Nikki Valdez, and Aiza Marquez; Denise Joaquin, Dimples Romana, and Kathleen Hermosa; Marco Aytona, Thou Reyes, and Japoy Lizardo; Gian Sotto, Alfonso Martinez, and Michael Manotoc; John "Sweet" Lapus (na pangalawang artista na may solo picture); Chx Alcala and Say Alonzo; Gem Ramos and Cherryl Lou; Joyce So, Jaymee Joaquin, and Jamilla Obispo; Franzen Fajardo, Jayson Gainza, Nene Tamayo, and Rico Barrera; Bam Romana, Joaqui Mendoza, and Fred Payawan; Zeppi Borromeo, Allyson Lualhati, and Marc Acueza; Lui Villarus, Juddah Paolo, and Archie Alemania; Gino Paul Guzman and JM Rodriguez; Nicole Angel and Michelle Ayalde; Princess Ryan, Gemma Fitzgerald, and Cass Ponti; and Malaya Lewandowski, Nina Dolino, and Michelle Murenec.

"The Next Big Things" ang last division kung saan magkakasama sina Chris Gutierrez, AJ Perez, and Angelo Patrimonio; Arno Morales and Martin del Rosario; Mara Lopez and Zia Marquez; Mikee Lee, Dino Imperial, Aaron Agassi, and Bryan Homecillo; Isabelle Abiera, Jessy Mendiola, and Krista Valle; Daphne Cortes, Hiyasmin Neri, Caroline Riggs, Jenna Estrella, and Bianca Reyes; Tim Espinosa, Puma de Borja, Jon Avila, Benj Besa, and Marvin Raymundo, Jordan Aguilar, and Franz Pumaren; Sharlene San Pedro and Nash Aguas; Eliza Pineda and Kristel Fulgar; Nina De Sgauin, Bea Nicolas, and Alexis Ramos; Kathryn Bernardo, Jane Oineza, Miles Ocampo, Mara Schnittka, and Angeli Gonzales; Jet Paz, Sara Palad, Ronalisa Cheng, Katrina Nazario, Sean Ignacio, Moreen Guese, EJ Jallorina, and Alfred Labatos; Iggyboy Flores, Young An Chiu, Carlo John Barrameda, Katrina Legaspi, Yuuki Kadooka, and MJ Maranan; Kobi Vidanes, Celine Lim, Aaron Junatas, Khaycee Aboloc, Basty Alcanses, and Angel Sy; Franz Yap, John Manalo, Kiray Celis, Steven Fermo, CJ Navato, and Joshua Dionisio; Quintin Alianza, Julio Pisk, Darius Cardano, Mika dela Cruz, Sora Baars, and Cheska Billones; Jacob Dionisio, Gemmae Custodio, Mikylla Ramirez, Nikki Bagaporo, Mark Joshua Sayarot, and Michael Jee Flores; at ang last and solo page na si Julia Barretto.

Hindi kasama ang mga superstars like Sharon Cuneta, Maricel Soriano, and Judy Ann Santos on the list dahil never naman silang naging Star Magic talents. Same goes to Angel Locsin and Valerie Concepcion na walang pinirmahang co-management contract with Star Magic.

Wala rin sa listahan ang mga Pinoy Dream Academy scholars and the Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates dahil sa Dream Big Productions sila nakakontrata.

Hindi naman umabot ang mga bagong Be Bench winners lead by Carlo Guevara sa pictorial ng catalogue.

Malamang na ibenta sa market ang Star Magic Catalogue 2008 dahil may list price itong 130 pesos.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Results from U Can Dance Version 2: Sept 22nd Monthly Finals

U Can Dance Ver.2

Viewers are in for a dance indulgency starting with the opening number of celebrity heartthrob Jake Cuenca and Victor Basa, to the cool contradiction of native interpretation and umbrella-hitting showdown between the Sayaw Baranggay dance troops from Manaoag and Antipolo.

Jaycee Parker has proven her talent in the dance floor with the difficult stunts she had projected. Her flexibility proves to be her greatest asset while her less précised steps become her weakest point. Of course, the competition’s demand for perfection quickly slated them for a sad loss in this last face-off for the third set of celebrity pairs.

This maybe the first time to have three contenders for the grand finals slot but the close fight between Princess Ryan and Tim Espinosa mirrors that of Rodjun Cruz and Gem Ramos. Once again, Princess wows the jury with her sexy routines that usually mark her performances. Ms. Maribeth Bichara even dubs her as the ultimate dance diva for her well-rounded know-how in hiphop, ballet and ballroom dancing!

On the other hand, the tandem of Tim Espinosa and R.E. Guerrero has epitomized the adage practice makes perfect in their fantastic version of Tango. Their unity as a couple plus R.E.’s lithe moves make up a faultless synchronized performance. It can’t be denied also that Tim has vastly improved it has become obvious that he is the leader throughout their number. Pops Fernandez even gives him an extra points for flashing his cute dimples!

As such, Ms. Maribeth, Pipay and John Prats are hard-pressed to whom they will give the crown in this match. And because the choices appear to be so tough, they finally decide to produce a tie! The battle for the U Can Dance Grand Champion turns out to be more challenging as ever! Who will join the circle of monthly winners for the much-awaited finale this season? Don’t miss the heart-poundingstay Wild Card Competition next week only here on U Can Dance Version 2!

Judges Comments:

John Prats: Di ako pahinga!

Pops Fernandez: Bonus points for tim! He's so cute! I love his dimple!

Maribeth Bichara: Ikaw ng nagdala ng sayaw. Magaling ka na!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feature Article sa for UCD.


Everyone was kept guessing until the end as to who would be given a second chance to show what they’ve got on U Can Dance Version 2! And the thrilling twist brought out three celebrity pairs who will be fighting for the right to win on the monthly finals this Saturday night!
All the while the viewers thought that only two showdancers would stand out last week. But surprise, surprise! Jaycee Parker’s unbelievably rose to the challenge after occupying the bottom standing two weeks in a row. The fun element they have inserted on their jive routines as well as her improvement on the dance floor paved the way for her to redeem herself on the jury’s eyes.

However, she will be facing a tougher battle with her other star competitors Princess Ryan and Tim Espinosa who have been topping the lists of Maribeth Bichara, Jhong Hilario and celebrity judge of the month Jackie Lou Blanco. Indeed, the two have done outstanding performances consistently.
But of course, all is not lost for those who have bowed their way out for the Wild Card Edition is set on September 29! Who among these pairs will join the slate of Saicy Aguila, Paw Diaz and Sheree? You better cast your votes before it’s too late Simply text in UCAN (celebrity name) to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers and 231 for Smart, Talk n Text and Addict Mobile subscribers. Cast your votes now!

More of U Can Dance Ver.2 here

Are you subscribed to ABS-CBN Now! ? Watch the show here

Kapamilya usap tayo on ABS-CBN Forums

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Results from SEPTEMBER 15TH U Can Dance show

U Can Dance Ver.2

No doubt, the judges Ms. Maribeth Bichara, Jhong Hilario and Jackie Lou Blanco are swept away by the spectacular performances they have seen from tonight’s contenders on the dance floor! Their thirst for new moves is not left unsatisfied from the impressive moves and props of Sayaw Baranggay troups Body Mechanics and Aligma to the blissfully sexy showdown among celebrity showdancers Princess Ryan, Gem Fitzgerald, Tim Espinosa and Jaycee Parker plus their professional counterparts.

There may be a tie on the Sayaw Baranggay face-off but one couple has to bid goodbye among the stars, and that is Gemma Fitzgerald. From capturing the second slot last week, she and her partner Hassette Uy plummets down with the lack of precision they have shown in their Jive routines. Though they have scored 92.6%, their mishaps prevent a smooth sailing success tonight.

The twists and turns in this competition will surely take you by surprise for instead of eliminating two pairs, another chance is given to Jaycee Parker and Lito after they have shown vast improvement with their perfect combo in this match. Though Princess Ryan and Johnny Amar still receives a pack of praises from the jurors, Tim Espinosa and RE Guerrero steals the spotlight from them for striking the judges’ attention from their coordinated outfits and outstanding choreography to their polished flexibility as a twosome!

Next week will surely bring forth a thrilling tango jumbo for the monthly finals! Who will be joining the sought-after circle of finalists? Is it Princess, Tim or Jaycee? Let not their talent and luck be their mere winning factors! You can save them a seat of honor by texting UCAN space to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers. Key in your votes now!

Jhong Hilario says: PANG INTERNATIONAL! grabe! Improved ka!

Jackie Lou Blanco says: I love your costumes and music. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.

Maribeth Bichara says: BILIB AKO SA YO! Your a star dancer, you're such a good pair. I love you both!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shaina Magdayao, Maja Salvador, Kim Chui, Rodjun Cruz, Thou Reyes, and Tim Espinosa on ASAP 07 FULL CIRCLE! 091507

FULL CIRCLE: ASAP 07 "Breaking Dishes" Prod. 09152007



[girls]Shaina Magdayao, Kim Chui, Maja Salvador

[boys]Rodjun Cruz, Thou Reyes, and Tim Espinosa

backup dancers: G-FORCE

TEMPO Newspaper: September 15, 2007

Who among these young stars can really dance?

Teen star Tim Espinosa and partner Rutchelle Guerrero of Dagupan lead the pack of a new batch of celebrity show dancers out to try their luck tonight on U Can Dance Version 2 on ABS-CBN.

The other contenders are Cool Chick Princess Ryan and partner Johnny Amar of Air Dance Company; PDA Scholar Gemma Fritzgerald and partner Hassette Uy of GForce; Viva Hotbabe Jaycee Parker and partner Lito Mercado of VIP Dancers; and SCQ’s Raphael Martinez and partner Riche Sarabia of Jaguar Babes.

Meanwhile, the IBP Dancemasters of Baguio and the Cyberkz Extreme of Laguna have proven themselves worthy of making it to the Sayaw Barangay Grand Finals in a tie last Saturday.

U Can Dance Version 2 airs every Saturday, 10 p.m. after XXX. The reality-dance show is hosted by Iya Villania and Derek Ramsey.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Featured Article on ABS-CBN.COM for UCD

A Fleet of Unbeatables?
They were only on their initial face-off last week but several celebrity pairs already stood out on U Can Dance Version 2. Still, not everyone can stay invincible in this tough competition. So who among Jaycee Parker, Tim Espinosa, Gemma Fitzgerald and Princess Ryan will get the boot this Saturday night?

Raphael Martinez fell off from the slate as he and his partner mistakenly executed footworks for Salsa and not for Samba which was originally assigned as the contenders’ common turf. On the other hand, Jaycee’s spot is still at risk for she needs to work out a noteworthy passion for dancing and of course, more difficult routines that will wow the jurors.

Meanwhile, it seems that the other three showdancers Tim, Gemma and Princess can safely save themselves a seat in this coming Jive showdown, as long as they maintain their ingenuity or better yet, surpass what they have done in their previous numbers. But of course, it was Princess who stole the spotlight with her deliciously sexy grooves that took the judges' breath away!
But wait! Two celebrity pairs will be weeded out this weekend! Who can bank the winning slots in this match? Save your bets a surefire seat on the circle of grand finalists!

Place your bets on the winning slots: simply key in UCAN (TIM) to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers and 231 for Smart, Talk n Text and Addict Mobile subscribers. Cast your votes now!

More of U Can Dance Ver.2 here
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People's Journal Newspaper: September 13, 2007

By: Remy Umerez

WE watched Raphael Martinez and Ritchie Sarabia get eliminated in last week’s U Can Dance Version 2. Four more pairs are fighting for a slot in Celebrity Showdance grand finals. This Saturday, who among Jaycee Parker and Lito Mercado, Tim Espinosa and RE Guerrero, Gemma Fitzerald and Hassette John Uy and Princess Ryan and partner John Amar will get the approval of the judges with their version of the jive?

Two representatives from the South, the Body Mechanics of Lucena and Aligma of Batangas will face off this Saturday in Sayaw Barangay competition. The Beat Group of Cavite ousted the Extreme Boys of Cavite last Saturday.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tim Espinosa and Rutchelle Guerrero in the September issue of S MAGAZINE

S MAGAZINE September 2007 issue ito. BUY NOW!

Results from U Can Dance Version 2 09082007

U Can Dance Ver. 2

If energy is the only basis of winning in this competition, then all contenders for this night would have gotten the prize for the powerful performance they have exuded in their numbers! Sayaw Baranggay starts it off with a perfect combo of costume , props and excellent choreography. Still, the Beat Group beats Extreme Boyz with their all-out moves, three-time change of outfits and fantastic mix of dance steps.

And for the most-awaited part, the last set of celebrity pairs refuse to be outdone by the previous showdancers as they astound the judges with their feverish twists and turns that will keep your mouths open in awe! But of course, the bottom two are still pronounced with Raphael Martinez losing the safe spot to Jaycee Parker.

The competition certainly becomes tougher with Tim Espinosa coming up as the next Rodjun Lina in this batch. Having Rutchelle Guerrero as a partner serves as his ace for she has successfully shown off to the jurors how professional she can be through her uninhibited expression of herself in their number.

Gemma Fitzgerald also wows the resident judges inclusing Ms. Jackylou Blanco in her astounding routines that are simply breath-taking. Cap this off with Princess Ryan’s allure and you’ve got one hot night to remember! This young lady receives the best accolades as Ms. Maribeth declares that her talent is unparalleled by neither Shakira nor Beyonce!

Hm… Will this heartening praises remain the same next week? Tune in for another close fight of the stars in the dance floor next week on U Can Dance Version 2.


Help tim and rutchelle! TEXT TEXT TEXT!!! Text "UCANTIM" and send to 231 for Smart Subscribers or 2331 for Globe.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Abante Tonite Newspaper September 7th, 2007

Sa U Can Dance Version 2 noong Sabado, nasungkit ng tambalang Michelle Murenech-RJ Rico ang ikatlong slot sa grand finals ng ‘Celebrity Showdance’.

Bukas ay matutunghayan sa dance floor ang huling batch ng celebrity pairs na maglalaban-laban para makapasok sa Grand Finals.

Magpapakitang gilas si Tim Espinosa kasama si Rutchelle Guerrero ng Dagupan, Princess Ryan at partner na si JohnnyAmar ng Air Dance Company, Gemma Fritzgerald at partner na si Hassette Uy ng GForce, Jaycee Parker at partner na si Lito Mercado ng VIP Dancers, at RaphaelMartinez at partner na si Riche Sarabia ng Jaguar Babes.

Sa ‘Sayaw Barangay,’ magpapasiklaban naman ang Extreme Boyz ng Cavite at The Beat Group ng Quezon City. Mapapanood ang U Can Dance Version 2 pagkatapos ng XXX sa ABS-CBN.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday September 06, 2007 Tempo Newspaper.

Five more celebrity show dancers on ‘U Can Dance 2’Michelle Murenech and RJ Rico make it as the third pair of Celebrity Showdancers eligible for the "U Can Dance Version 2" Grand Finals in October.

Tears fell as Dianne Medina and Ian Bantolo bade goodbye to the competition, in a very close fight held last Saturday. However, in a tough competition such as this, there can be just one winner, and Michelle and Ian seemed to have "chachaed" their way to the judges’ hearts.

In Saturday’s episode of "U Can Dance," the dance floor will open to the last set of five Celebrity Showdancers aiming for an elusive spot in the Grand Finals. Fans can look forward to watching teen star Tim Espinosa and partner Rutchelle Guerrero of Dagupan; Cool Chick Princess Ryan and partner Johnny Amar of Air Dance Company; PDA Scholar Gemma Fritzgerald and partner Hassette Uy of GForce; Viva Hotbabe Jaycee Parker and partner Lito Mercado of VIP Dancers; and SCQ’s Raphael Martinez and partner Riche Sarabia of Jaguar Babes.

As the IBP Dancemasters of Baguio and the Cyberkz Extreme of Laguna have proven themselves worthy of making it to the Sayaw Barangay Grand Finals in a tie last Saturday, the Extreme Boyz of Cavite and The Beat Group of Quezon City are just about to showcase their style and talent in next week’s weekly competition.

Stay tuned to ABS-CBN Ch2’s "U Can Dance Ver 2," every Saturday, 10 p.m. after XXX. The reality-dance show is hosted by Iya Villania and Derek Ramsey.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vote for TIM ESPINOSA in U Can Dance Ver.2

You can send to 2331 for GLOBE, SUN, AND TM subscribers. And 231 for Smart, Talk n Text, and Addict Mobile.

U Can Dance Ver. 2

In every competition, there’s bound to be a winner and a loser. But of course, winning is not the end-all and be-all of a show. Sometimes, what really matters is giving every performance your best shot as if it will be the last time you can do it.

The second monthly finals of U Can Dance Version 2 is very special as its two well-versed hosts Iya Villana and Derek Ramsey present two separate dance numbers! First off are Iya and Rayver Cruz with their groovy opening piece with Derek giving out a sensual dance with his very own real life sweetheart Angelica Panganiban later on!

For Sayaw Baranggay, the electrifying precision and energy of 99 Boiz, IBP and Cyberkz Extreme are truly rousing. All three stern judges have nothing but pure admiration for their respective numbers. It is evident that Maribeth, Jhong and Eula enjoy the new choreography as well as the great impact of the said groups. Still only IBP and Cyberkz Extreme will be joining the grand finals soon.

However, there is no tie between the celebrity showdancers tonight despite the spectacular showdown that Michelle Murenech and Dianne Medina have executed. There’s no doubt in the jurors’ mind that the former Wazzup Wazzup host has vastly improved her Chachacha moves. But the tandem of Michelle and RJ Rico causes a greater stir as they perfect the complicated steps of their dance number!

And now, the final batch of celebrity pairs will finally collide next Saturday night! Catch more fresh routines from Tim Espinosa, Princess Ryan, Gemma Fitzgerald, Jaycee Parker and Raphael Martinez as they do the Samba! Who among them will succeed in evading the walk of shame? Don’t miss their exhilarating showdown next week on U Can Dance Version 2 right after XXX.